Check out all the delightful pals of GÄMEZ!


Alastair is an improviser from London, who also plays with Plus Support and City Impro (which he co-founded in 2013). 

His loves include The Simpsons, maths-based crime drama Numb3rs, going on cruises and chicken nuggets. 

Alastair has trained with Hoopla, The Nursery Theatre, Showstopper!, The Spontineity Shop, Imprology and the Ottawa School of Speech & Drama where his improv journey started. He also has his 10-metre swimming badge.


Alice is a London-based improviser and actress who trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Drama Centre London. 

She rediscovered her love for improv after taking a short course with Hoopla!, and is delighted to be a member of GÄMEZ. 

You can find out more about her work at Alice's Spotlight profile.


Charlotte is an improv comedian and professional dog-spotter. 

Alongside GÄMEZ she is a founding member and performer in  BRA. Charlotte has trained with Hoopla, Showstoppers, Second City and IO Chicago. 

Charlotte is allergic to doing a scene in her own accent meaning no one knows what she really sounds like.


Chlo-A is a London-based improviser, actor and body-positive model, originally from Italy. 

She has studied with Hoopla, The Nursery Theatre and Shoot from the Hip, workshopping with North Coast, Kaci Bealer and Chris Mead amongst many. 

As an OG member of GÄMEZ, when she's not performing she's busy exploring somatic movement practices or interviewing artists and creatives about their bodies or their practice. 


Dave has been improvising in the UK and internationally for a number of years and has been trained by Dingbats, Hoopla, TJ and Dave, The Maydays and other established Improv coaches. 

In addition to improvising, he is a multi award-winning film maker, whose projects are regularly added to on his YouTube channel nanonanofilm.

Ella Grace

Ella is a London-based improviser and actor, who trained at Drama Studio London. 

Having found a love of Improv during her training she continued learning with the Free Association. 

Having joined GÄMEZ last year she is excited to be a part of the team!


Euan is an improv and sketch comedian from London. He has trained with Hoopla!, Free Association, Showstopper! and the IO in Chicago. 

As well as GÄMEZ, Euan improvises with BRA and Speech!  He performs in musical theatre, including comedic roles in The Producers (Franz) and 9 to 5 (Franklin Hart).

He does a great Robert De Niro impression (Italian), and a terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger impression (also Italian).


Harriet Hughes is an actor, writer and comedian from Wellington, New Zealand. 

Harriet started in sketch comedy before founding an all female theatre troupe in NZ. Harriet has been doing improv and stand up for a number of years, and has only tripped on stage twice. 

When not improvising, Harriet can be found eating nachos, telling dad jokes or video-calling her dog Winnie.


Harry is a software engineer, improv comedian and amateur Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master. 

Harry has been improvising over a decade, and has trained with The Maydays, The Nursery, Hoopla, iO Chicago, Patti Stiles, Dave Razowsky, Joe Bill, and Jonathan Pitts, among others - they know who they are.


When he has finished rocking the world as an accountant, Jack performs improv with GÄMEZ where he can be seen playing an Australian, or occasionally a Yorkshireman. 

Jack has trained with Hoopla, The Hideout Theatre, Lee Simpson and Shoot From the Hip.


Jessie is an improv comedian and winner of the Camden Bake Off where she triumphed over at least 5 other entries. 

As well as GÄMEZ, Jessie performs with Grand Theft Impro and is a member of Hat Trick: The Improvised Sketch Show. 

Jessie has trained with Hoopla Impro, The Maydays, Lee Simpson and Showstopper!


Miriam is an improviser in the groups Track 96 and The Ol’ Bill, which means she frequently raps and solves crimes on stage, as well as having short form fun with her comrades in GÄMEZ. 

She has performed with troupes in Singapore (The Improvables), Beijing (Beijing Improv) and Sheffield (The Shrimps) and has found a silly walk, a chicken squawk and spontaneous musical numbers to be universal currencies.


Nadine is an improviser experienced in shortform, longform and narrative with training from Hoopla and FA, as well as electives from The Nursery, Second City, and North Coast. 

She is currently a member of GÄMEZ and FA Harold house team Triple Denim. Her favourite shortform game is Party Quirks (she loves to guess)!


Nell is an improviser from New Zealand who really wishes she was better at Excel. 

Since 2013, she has performed regularly with Improsaurus (NZ), Impro Melbourne (Aus), and Improv Conspiracy (Aus). 

Outside of GÄMEZ, she can be found wandering London's museums and art galleries, and trying not to buy too many postcards from the gift shop.


Rachael is an improv comedian, born and raised in London, which means she likes to occasionally throw in a joke about growing up in Croydon. 

Rachael can also be found performing with Comediasians, the UK's first Asian improv group, or writing comedy novels. She is represented by Bell Lomax Moreton.

Ryan J

Ryan is an improviser from London who has been performing since 2012. 

He performs a mix of short-form, long-form and musical improv styles with various troupes, including Show Up - The Improvised Musical, IMDp and Bumper Blyton, and has performed at 8 Edinburgh Fringe runs, including directing Durham's Improv Comedy Society for two. 

He's been taught by a range of improvisers from Showstoppers, Austentatious, Comedy Store Players, Baby Wants Candy, North Coast, iO, UCB and more. 

Outside of GÄMEZ, find him getting overly excited at a pub quiz!


Stephen has been an improviser since 2017 who, alongside GÄMEZ, plays in Comedasians - the UK's first all-asian improv ensemble. 

Stephen has trained with Hoopla Impro, The Nursery Theatre, The Maydays, and Showstopper!

Stephen's proudest childhood memory is coming second in a maths competition sponsored by British Airways.


Joining GÄMEZ last year Tom started improv at the end of lockdown through Hoopla's short- and long-form courses. 

He's a budding stand-up comedian, having recently performed at The Comedy Store in London. 


Unai is a Hoopla trained improviser of Basque origin. 

He's been improvising since 2016 and aside from GÄMEZ he has also performed as part of The Ol' Bill, Dark Matters, Not Your Average and Do The Right Scene's Special Delivery as well as taking photos of improv groups and performances. 

His superpower is not understanding British pop culture references.